I Attended Disney’s The Nutcracker World Premiere + Red Carpet Party


Thanks to Disney Studios, I had the pleasure of flying out to LA to attend Disney’s Nutcracker World Premiere and red carpet party. To say the night was magical is an understatement. From The Nutcracker party decor to the movie itself, everything was gorgeous.

Dwan at Disney's Nutcracker and Four Realms World Premiere

When we first arrived to the red carpet premiere party, there were a couple of photo walls set up. My favorite was this wall covered in beautiful flowers. It looks like a scene straight from Disney’s Nutcracker. All the pinks and purples! I wish I had this flower wall at my house to display at parties for photobooth fun.

Before entering the party indoors, this outdoor entrance was grand. They really put a lot of work into the details for this premiere.

Disney's The Nutcracker And The Four Realms World Premiere Entrance

They brought the Four Realms to life from the movie. Each Realm is a little different but still just as lovely.

Dwan on Disney's Nutcracker Red Carpet

Walking through the doors to the red carpet party was mindblowing. The atmosphere was magical with star lights on all the walls and the large music box in the middle of the room featuring each of the movie posters. All the details in the decorations and food were exquisite.

Disney's Nutcracker World Premiere Party
(Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

There were jugglers on stilts juggling glowing pins. There were women covered in flowers walking on stilts smiling and posing for photos. There wasn’t anyone inside the room that wasn’t happy. It was truly exciting. 

Disney's Nutcracker and the Four Realms World Premiere Party

You cannot celebrate Disney’s Nutcracker World Premiere without candy! They had a large candy buffet set up with Nutcracker themed bags to gather as much as you’d like to enjoy while watching the film.

(Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

Disney’s Nutcracker And The Four Realms Costumes

I cannot wait to share more of my thoughts on the movie, but one thing I will say now is the costumes were so intricate in details and absolutely stunning. They were on display at the premiere party and it was even better to see in person than on the big screen.

The dresses are as full and big as they appear in these photos. I wonder how heavy they are? I give the actresses props for not only wearing these but acting so beautifully in them. I’m sure the movement could not have been easy.

Celebrity Sightings at Disney’s Nutcracker World Premiere

red carpet celebrity selfies

We saw several celebrities hanging out at the party with us. Most of them were there with their families enjoying the party, eating dinner, and ready to watch Disney’s Nutcracker World Premiere. I took a moment to grab a few selfies with some.

I could not miss taking a selfie with Raven Symone since I watched every episode of That’s So Raven with my oldest when she was little. Then, of course, I stopped to snap a photo with Meg Donnelly from Disney’s Zombies for my youngest daughter. Mario Lopez was a given. Some of the other selfies I snapped didn’t turn out that great but I shared them in my Instagram Stories and on Twitter. It was kind of dark at the party but even if not all the photos are as great as I wished, the memories will last a lifetime.

Oscar Stairs

Bloggers on Oscar Stairs

While all dressed up in our red carpet attire, we had to stop for a photo on the Oscar stairs. It is a tradition! – as you can see from my Thor: Ragnarok red carpet experience.

Aren’t all of these ladies looking fabulous? It was so fun to see the dresses everyone picked out.

Red Carpet Attire

What to wear on red carpet

On my previous red carpet visits, I went a little more subtle in my dress. But since this was for Disney’s Nutcracker World Premiere I had to brighten it up. Finding a colorful dress that went well with the movie was a search. I am pretty sure I went to every department store there was. This dress photographed a little brighter than how it looked in person, I promise it isn’t highlighter pink. I paired it with pale pink shoes, light pink clutch, light pink nails and rose gold jewelry.

El Capitan Theatre – Disney’s Nutcracker World Premiere

El Capitan Theater Disney's Nutcracker World Premiere

After the red carpet party, we walked across the street to the El Capitan Theatre. This is where we were given the opportunity to watch Disney’s Nutcracker premiere with everyone from the party. All the movie talent was there, even Morgan Freeman.

Before entering inside the theater, everyone was given complimentary drinks and popcorn. The cutest little popcorn stand was set up right outside the theater doors handing out Sugarplum flavored popcorn.

Nutcracker Sugarplum Popcorn Cart

I am going to try to recreate this delicious recipe. I ate all of mine, plus some of Michelle’s! It was so good.

Thanks to Michelle from Modern Mom Life for being my red carpet photo buddy!

Michelle and Dwan on Red Carpet

Disney’s Nutcracker And The Four Realms

Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Have you bought your tickets to Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms yet? You do not want to miss this holiday film. It opens in theaters everywhere tomorrow, November 2nd. I will be sharing my film review on Friday.

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