5 Tips for Married Christian Couples

Are you a newly married Christian couple? Or perhaps you’ve been married for quite some time and looking for ways to reconnect. Here are 5 tips for those who are married Christian couples. Whether you may be going through some hard times now, or you simply want to build a strong foundation – these tips are sure to help.

5 Tips for Married Christian Couples

Pray Together Every Day

It’s simple to say that you will spend time praying with your spouse every day, but are you being realistic? Praying together is an important part of a Christian marriage, so taking the time to do it every day is a smart move.  Before dinner pray as a family or right after climbing in bed at night – say a prayer together.

Find Time to Talk Every Day

This is a great tip for all married couples! Taking time to talk to each other every day is a way to make your marriage strong. Don’t be afraid to ask each other about their day. This is a great time to catch up and make sure both of you are on the same page.  Having open communication daily will help avoid pent up frustration later on.  Don’t wait until you are stressed out to vent, talk daily.

Worship Together

This means spending time going to church together and worshiping God together. It’s understandable if one of you has to miss church every now and again, but attending church together can really grow your faith and keep your marriage strong.  Plus it sets an example for your children and builds a strong family foundation centered around Christ.

Spend Time With Each Other

Sure, it’s important to spend time talking together, but it’s even more important to spend good quality time together. Set aside time each week to spend time together. Yes, you may have to literally schedule it out, but it will be so worth it as your marriage grows stronger.  Whether you are going out to dinner, watching a movie in or taking a walk in the park – quality one-on-one time is imperative.

Forgive Each Other

There will be times in your marriage when it’s so hard to forgive one another. However, married Christian couples should forgive each other because it helps your marriage in the long run. It’s easy to stay mad, but hard to forgive. Which path will you choose?  Take some time to reflect by reading your bible.  There are many scriptures centered around forgiveness and marriage.

What are some tips you have for married Christian couples?


  1. It can be so hard to remember to pray together as a couple when life is busy. My husband is working and in school right now, both full-time. I work two part time jobs, along with keeping up on the house and taking care of our one year old. Most mornings are a frantic rush, and most nights we are falling into bed half asleep. However, I agree completely that praying together is an important part of Christian marriage, and our marriage is definitely stronger and happier when we do pray together! Thanks for this good reminder!

    1. I completely understand. I admit we forget to pray together as a married couple when life gets busy. It’s a nice reminder to come back to and so important for our marriage.

  2. Prayer is important. My wife and I pray together every day in the morning and at night. It would be nice to pray with her during meals as well, but our schedules are a bit different throughout the day, so it can be difficult.

    Forgiveness is probably one of the more difficult things listed above. I’m, of course, more inclined to forgive her than others, but it can still be tough sometimes. I always forgive her though. I have too. I love her, and she’s my wife. 🙂

  3. Wow, this is wonderful. I love that you list forgiveness as a huge and important tip. It definitely is a difficult concept to grasp but once it is defined, it makes so much sense to continue a love for Jesus as a unit. Thanks so much for sharing.

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